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Welcome to Word of Life Washington

Nathan and Beth Shoultz now live in Pottersville, NY but still service local churches throughout the state of WA. In the end of 2008, Nathan and Beth were called back to the Word of Life Headuarters in New York to help with work in our office. Much of this work is now centered around technology and web development and is necessary to help our ministry reach out to the current generation.

However, our passion is still assisting local churches with their youth and children's ministries. We provide resources like curriculum, leadership training, conferences, student events, ministry management consulting and just plain old friendship! We will be servicing some churches here in New York, but will continue to service churches throughout WA and plan to come back and visit as awesome as possible

We'd love to help you reach youth with the truth!


Shoultz's Contact Information

Mailing Address: PO Box 268, Pottersville, NY 12860

Cell Numbers: Nathan-206-730-6013 Beth-425-218-9314

Email: nathanshoultz@wol.org & bethshoultz@wol.org


Interested in Supporting the Shoultz's?

Are you interested in joining our support team? We're currently at 30% of our needed monthly support and would love to have you partner in ministry through us. You can do it in one of several ways.

First--you can give a special gift either by [Clicking Here] to give by credit card online, or by [Clicking Here] to download a support action slip that you can fill out and mail in.

Second--you can join the monthly support team and give every month. We have been asked to raise $6,537 a month for our ministry and are currently at $1989.83. If you want to join this team you can have it automatically debited each month from your checking account by [Clicking Here] and filling out this form. Or you can [Click Here] and download the support action slip that you can fill out and mail in.

If you would like more information on our ministry or our support needs, we have a packet of information we'd love to send you. Just [email] us your address!